Bobby C.

Bobby C.

Wasting Time

by Bobby Casarez


When I was young I never thought I’d be in a position like this.

In a jail writing class, writing ‘bout all kinds of different shit.

I don’t think I’ve wasted any time ‘cuz if I could go back

I wouldn’t change shit.

Everything happens for a reason, it’s not just coincidence.

I’ve enjoyed every one of these unique experiences,

I don’t think there’s such a thing as a waste of time.

What fun is life if you walk a straight line?

Have fun and do what you do and maybe your time will fly.

And don’t mourn the ones you’ve lost just believe it was their time.

Shit happens and you never really know why,

so just live your life and don’t believe that you’re wasting time.






by Bobby Casarez


Since I first met her,

I thought we would be together till the end,

but shit’s never how you plan.


We started to fall apart about four months back,

I hate fighting wit you,

that shit’s wack.

When I picture my life without you,

my heart starts to crack.


Whether kicking it with you at Burger King,

or your secret hiding place,

every moment with you was great.

That’s why I hate for this to end,

I wish it was how it was when we first began.


But now I’m in my cell

writing you with this blue pen,

no matter what I’ll always love

my little Mexican.


I know I haven’t made you happy lately, and I wish I could

but for me your just too good,

I don’t think I’ll ever get my point across

or be understood.


To everyone that don’t know me,

I’m just a piece of shit that grew up in the hood,

but deep down inside for you I wanna do good,

but it’s hard when fucking up is all I know,

Some changing I have to take slow.


But I know I’ll keep trying cause

this ain’t the end of the road,

shit just get a lil slippery,

like when it snows.


But know for sure that I’ll always have you in my heart

and never let you go.

I love you and miss you,

and a kiss I blow…


My Story

by Bobby Casarez


As a young kid I was a delinquent,

breaking all the rules, doing dumb shit,

by the age of 14 I learned to do my own thing,

hanging on the corner serving dope fiends.

I made enough money to bag my first whip,

turned 17, did a year commit.

got out on parole and decided to dip.

I went to a party wit some fine chicks,

one became the girl that I’m now wit.

After 3 months I met this new chick,

I didn’t know who to choose, and it was tuff to pick

between you and you, now i’m locked up in MDC

and I know who to choose,

she fucked up my life, now I’m facing 52.

They came at me wit pleas, but I don’t know what to do,

it’s a tuff situation, that I have to go thru



Thank You

by Bobby Casarez


I thank you for always staying.

And never saying goodbye, even when it hurt the most.

You stayed by my side,

you’d tell me “I love you”,

I’d say “I love you” back.

If you ever left I’m sure my heart would crack.

I know I’ve done some bad stuff;

I wish I could take it back.

My feelings for you will never change and that’s a fact.

The way you hold me,

guarantee I’ll hold you back.

I love you and that’s that.

Thank you M.A.R.




Baby Girl

by Bobby Casarez


Baby girl you’re beautiful inside and out

and no doubt when I look into your eyes you got me mesmerized,

you got me feeling like I never felt,

something I can’t describe.

But let’s call it a ride. It’s like a rollercoaster,

it’s got me going ‘round and ‘round.

My feelings for you keep going up but never come down.

I’m your king and you’re my crown,

you give me this chance and I won’t let you down.

I promise, baby girl, I’m gonna make you proud.


Chorus x2

Baby girl you look so fly can I talk to you?

Baby girl you look so fine can I walk with you?

But let me know one thing, do you mind that I’m jocking you?

Baby, baby girl, do you, do you mind that I walk with you?


Since that first time I saw you on the bus,

I could tell you were unique. I could tell you were untouched.

You didn’t even cuss, you said you was a good girl.

I said what’s up and you gave me a cute little grin.

I could tell you wanted to give in but your heart wouldn’t let you get hurt again.

But I said we can take it slow, just start off as friends,

and we fell deep in love and that’s where the problems began.


Chorus x2


The drugs had a lot to do with the things that I did

from the break-ups to the arguments.

I could tell that it hurt you, it hurt me too.

If I could go back in time and change it,

I’d do it just for you.

I’m like Chris Brown, I wanna be “wit you”.

Your love is one of a kind, something I don’t wanna lose.

I promise you baby girl I’ma always be true.

When the time comes, I’ma marry you.


Criminal Love

by Bobby Casarez



Criminal love now I know you
Love me now and I’ll love you too
So we can be together,
love one another
Criminal it’s me and you

Verse 1

I remember the first time our eyes ever touched,
I was with my brothers smoking a blunt in the back of the bus,
and ahh,
I couldn’t help but to look your way,
And ask you pretty mama “what’s your name?
Now I don’t mean to pester or bother
but can I get your number?”
Now I could tell baby girl was a dime,
she hesitated with her number so
I simply gave her mine.
I jumped off the bus
and told her
“girl, hit me up”.
Now, a week later she called me
and picked me up.
Now I’m sitting here writing the girl I love.
I believe in my heart she was sent from above.
You found my heart like a diamond in the dirt,
baby without you my life is full of hurt.
Now I wish I could give you more than just letters
and laughs,
but for you baby girl I’d cut my heart
in half.
Half belongs to me,
and the other half to you,
cuz you belong to me,
and I belong to you.
I need you in my life more than the trees and the sky,
The air that we breathe and my only set of eyes.
I told you once before you have the key to my heart,
I love you my one and only,
let’s never fall apart.

Chorus x2



Verse 2
My criminal love is vicious,
My criminal love is delicious
I’m up in visitation giving
criminal hugs and kisses.
The reason why this is for the only one I desire,
cuz you take me higher,
set my heart on fire.
You was there through every case that I caught
and every case that I fought.
You was there in the courtroom on time,
right on the dot.
So before you go let me say this now,
I know it’s hard I ain’t around,
got you breaking, breaking down,
But I promise on my life,
if it’s the last thing I do,
I’ll finish off this stretch
and make my way home to you.
Criminal love you’re a rider for this criminal fool,
you love me and I love you too…


Chorus x2





by Bobby C.


What I’m grateful for most of all is my girlfriend Alex. She’s so wonderful. She has been there for me through thick and thin, and has never left my side. I’ve fucked up so many times in ways I can’t explain, and she always finds it in her heart to forgive; but I’m sure she doesn’t forget. When I’m down she’s the one who brings me up, and when she’s down I’m the only one who can make her smile.


I do things with Alex that I’d never be caught doing with any other girl no matter who they were. I guess we just bring out the kid in each other, and I love it. It’s fun to be childish sometimes, and especially with the person you care most about. She is the only girl I’ve ever spent holidays with, and felt comfortable around her family.


Even though I am incarcerated, Alex still makes me feel free inside, which is the best feeling you can have in jail. She is the person I am most grateful for. I just hope that she is as grateful for me as I am for her. This is dedicated to the girl of my dreams, M.A.R., from B.J.C.



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