In a personal view.

In a personal view, believes Parashkev Nachev, clinical researchers at Imperial College London, Nachev of professional standards. Nachev pointing a finger at the royal academy for not acting when there was still time to do so. – Head to Head: Should postgraduate training places be reserved for UK graduates? Volume Volume 335, pp 590-1. ‘Personal View: MTA or a history of medical evidence carelessly ‘BMJ Volume 335.

.. Obesity and heart disease can be reduced with Herbal Remedy With unprecedented levels of obesity in the Western world, and the incidence of associated heart disease, cancer and diabetes increases, there is a big drive to find new treatment methods. Scientists from Germany have recently discovered that extracts of a traditional herbal remedy derived from Tabebuia impetiginosa act to delay the absorption of dietary fat in animal models. They believe that the extract in a dietary supplement that can reduce not only obesity, but also reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease may be involved. Continue reading “In a personal view.”


Daytime sleepiness and sleep quality.

Insomnia treated effectively through online Cognitive Behavioral TherapyA study in 1st June issue of the journal SLEEP demonstrates that online cognitive behavioral therapy for chronic insomnia significantly improves insomnia severity, daytime sleepiness and sleep quality. Online treatment also reduces false beliefs about sleep and pre – sleep mental arousal. The results show that 81 % of treated subjects reported at least mild improvement in their sleep after completing the five-week program, including 35 % who rated themselves as much or very much improved -.

After lead investigator Norah Vincent, a psychologist at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, The researchers were surprised by the significant results in the absence of ongoing support from a physician. The treatment consisted of psychoeducation about insomnia, information about sleep hygiene, stimulus control instruction, relaxation training, cognitive therapy and sleep deprivation. – Although each segment of the CBT program is important, the cognitive therapy module evaluates the positive, said Vincent. The cognitive therapy section was designed to help individuals, realistic expectations about sleep and the effects of sleep on the next few days functioning to develop while teaching a variety of strategies for dealing with an overactive mind and worries. Continue reading “Daytime sleepiness and sleep quality.”


A significant proportion of patients ipilimumab.

Weber said he was not surprised by the favorable clinical results of this study and agreed that ipilimumab should be pursued in further clinical trials. Ipilimumab prolonged prolonged median and overall survival in patients seems to lead with stage IV melanoma, he said. A significant proportion of patients ipilimumab, the long-term survival. .

Would these findings ‘discourage the prophylactic use of budesonide to reduce the gastrointestinal side effects of ipilimumab,’said researcher Jeffrey Weber, Weber is a leading member of the Moffitt Cancer Center and director of the Donald A. Adam Comprehensive Melanoma Research Center, Florida. Continue reading “A significant proportion of patients ipilimumab.”

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