Four Yogas

Four Yogas

by the men of F-8, facilitated by Tejal Murray

Bhakti Yoga

by Joseph Shuldiski


I am probably a bhakti yogi because I’m all about love, bliss, free spiritedness.  I’m a fool with a kind heart.  I give to others and expect nothing, and I am always cheerful and bring cheer to others.  I have made peace with myself and my resilience in not wanting to hurt anyone.



Karma Yoga

by Nathan Dominguez


I’ve seen a lot of death in my life.  Everyday is a battle.  I am constantly at war with my own ambition.  I consider myself a karma yogi because I am a warrior at heart, dealing with life’s problems.  My mind may be damaged forever but I know the path I am supposed to follow.  Even though bad luck has cursed me, I still have hope in myself.


I believe I would place myself in Karma yoga because I would do anything for my family to protect them from harm.  So being incarcerated has put me in a situation where I am helpless to my family.  But, I have learned that no matter my situation there is still room for knowledge in different forms. Learning about myself, my surroundings, history economy, reading, writing spelling my likes and dislikes, all this will prepare me to be a better karma yogi.



Jhana Yoga

by Ray C Debaca


I think I am a jhana yogi because I’m a protector and use my body, mind and senses so I know I am nothing but Self.  That’s the text explanation. But I  think to be a round person you need all four of the yogas and all four archetypes.  The four yogas tie into each other just like the four archetypes tie into each other.  This is what makes the blueprint for your life.  When you lose one of your archetypes or yogas or get too much of one, that’s when problems occur, either good or bad.  At least for men! So in the end I would probably be all four archetypes.



Jhana yoga

by Rafael Molina


I think I am a Jhana yogi because there is nothing that can stop me once my mind is made up. I am dedicated to do it no matter what it takes even if I know it could be wrong. If in my mind I feel its right I would handle it.



Similarities on the Gita and Myself

by Shadowbear


I can identify myself with raja yoga. I like to use my mind to process and assess my surroundings.  Even in my writing its all thought process and how to express my train of thought into words.  Bhakti too. Most of what I write comes from the heart or what I may write for others.  I can say that in my own way I am the Lord of Love, whose meditative and disciplined mind can heal and sometimes restore a broken heart or a relationship with my words.