Get Involved

Get Involved

We are deeply appreciative to all who give their time, energy, and resources to support Comienzos programming.  Our offerings at MDC and in communities could not exist without these valuable contributions from individuals and organizations.

If restorative practices, nonviolence, personal growth, and safer communities are important to you, here are a few ways that you can get involved.

Comienzos is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and we will joyfully receive your tax-deductible contributions.  You can either make a general contribution to Comienzos programming, or specify exactly where you want your investment to flourish.  To contribute through our secure PayPal process, click here.  Or, mail a check to

P.O. Box 4099
Albuquerque, NM 87196

Here’s a glimpse of how we can put your investment to work right away:

Anger-Management, Conflict Resolution, and Self-Awareness:
Groups of 10-15 inmates working together with Comienzos instructors to develop the skills and awareness for increasingly free and fruitful lives.  Each group meets for 90 minutes twice each week. We also hold classes and practice groups in the communities to which these inmates return.

-A contribution of $50 covers the costs of the materials for one series each month.

-A contribution of $108 allows one inmate to receive 20 hours of training with the support of Comienzos facilitators and a community of learners. These introductory series’ open doors for people to gain vital new skills, begin to overcome addictions, and to awaken to their potential for new directions in their lives.

-A contribution of $216 allows one inmate to complete 40 hours of training, which deepens self-understanding so that learning and growth can continue beyond the walls of the Comienzos classroom.

-A contribution of $540 supports family members of incarcerated people and former inmates to continue deepening their transformation within their communities.

-A contribution of $1080 supports a group of 10-15 people to begin to transform their lives of gang affiliation, addiction, and violence into a safe and vibrant community of growth, learning, and friendship.

Contribute now to develop skills and awareness for freedom!

Mindfulness: Yoga, Tai-Chi-Chih, and Meditation:
A few times each week, Comienzos instructors gathers 5-10 men to practice aligning their bodies, minds, and spirits through yoga and tai-chi-chih.

-A contribution of $40 supports one inmate to receive the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of yoga practice for one month.

-A contribution of $100 supports 10 inmates to practice tai-chi-chih or yoga together each week.

Support yoga and tai-chi-chih classes right now!

Writing Group:
Inmates and instructors gather together to share their stories and their voices with each other and the world twice each week. During these 90 minute sessions, a community of people thrive together as they cultivate meaningful connections and realize purpose in their lives.

-A contribution of $50 provides the materials, including journals that allow this experience to transcend the classroom, for one group of 15-20 inmates.

-A contribution of $72 allows one inmate to put his thoughts down on paper, express them to a supportive environment, and build compassionate community for 6 weeks.

-A contribution of $108 supports two inmates to work closely with Comienzos instructors so that their voices can be heard beyond the classroom walls.

-A contribution of $1080 builds a community of writers that works together, experiences empathy and self-worth, and creates a meaningful collection of stories.

Keep this community growing with a contribution right now!

Donate Materials
If you have books or other materials that you would like to donate, we will happily offer them to those who participate in our programs.  These can include books about Nonviolent Communication, nonviolence, spirituality, and biographies, novels, or other books that have changed your life.  Click here to donate a book now!

We could not possibly function without the time and energy offered by many people.  Our volunteers lead meditation classes, support with administrative work, and do research about the impacts of our programs.  If you are interested in getting involved either inside or outside of the classroom, please let us know!