Happy Memories

Happy Memories

by the men of F-8, facilitated by Tejal Murray

Roger’s Home

by Jonathan Ray


Roger jumps from his seat before Miss Nancy can stop the bus.  “Bye Miss!”


“Bye, be safe,” Miss Nancy replies.


Rodger dashes up the dirt road. When his sister’s with him, they race home.


Today he pushes the door open by himself and throws his book bag on the floor.  “Mom! Mom!”  In the kitchen he hears her graceful voice.


“What’s for dinner Mother?” he yells as he reaches for a hot piece of Fry Bread.


“Boy! You better wash your hands!”


“Yes Mother. I was hoping Dad would be home from work because he said we were going to check on Daisy.”


“I don’t know what you and your dad have in mind so please change your clothes. And take out the garbage before you leave this house!”


“Yes Mother.” Before Mother can say another word, Roger’s out the kitchen door.


He knows the neighborhood boys will be gathering up to play football, and wants to get a few games in before father comes home.”


“I hope Daisy’s in good health” He thinks to himself as he ties his old shoes.  The ones he beat his friend Nathaniel Spotted Bones in last summer at a cross-country meet.


“Mother I’ll be back in an hour!”


“Ok, Dear, be safe!”  Mother replies. “I don’t need you with another twisted ankle!”


“Yes Mother, I’m going to Nathanial’s.”


“Don’t forget the trash!


He runs straight for the big dumpster and over the bridge and through the alfalfa field to Nate’s.




My Family

by Tim Redbird


I miss the wilderness of being at the northern tip of the Rocky Mountains, sixty miles west of Calgary, Alberta, Canada on the inter trans continental freeway #1, a little town called Morley, in the Nakota, Stoney Sioux Reserve (They are not called reservations in Canada).  There are three bands on the reserve, Morley band, Wesley band, and Chiniki Band.  My family lives right next door to the Stoney Indian Park.  My families names are “Snow”  and “ Beaver.” Paul Beaver is my Dad and Caroline Snow is my Mom.  May they rest in peace.



A Day With My Family

by Alonzo Dale


It was five days before my arrest and I was with my girl, my son, and my baby girl.  We were walking around the market, the sun was shining and we were all having a great time.  We all bought something for ourselves, and my son was running circles around me, asking me to buy everything in sight.  My daughter was excited to see so many strange people. Christina, my girl, was happy to be by my side on such a beautiful day.


All the bills were paid and we didn’t have a care in the world.


I was supporting my family and I was happy doing it and that’s important to me.


I realized that being home with my family is where I want to be, not drinking with the homies or out having fun without my family.  Now I need to concentrate on my family, because they a re who I am.



A Moment in Life
by Joseph Shuldiski


I remember living with Aunt Renee and helping take care of my cousin Phillip.  It was easy, fun, and always entertaining.  I remember taking him out for his birthday  to the mall.  We walked and shopped and  played with some new toys I bought him, transformers,  and ate Chinese food. I also remember all the parties of my Aunt’s. Me, Leo, Kristin, Chad, Art, Terrance, Holly, Lil Josh, LiL Guy, Joni, and Jonathan.  Like a big family always there, always fun.  And the pranks, oh yeah big stuff.  We all lived for the moment there, carefree.  It was a place where all that was expected was cleaning, pitching in, and proper language cuz Philip learns quick.  And dodging flying objects is a must. Auntie Nee’s place was the place.   I was able to be myself, and felt cared for, and felt ultimately safe and at home.  There was never a dull moment. I played my video games, drew, partied, and was a role model, the things I’m best at.

I knew then what I know now: my purpose is to live.