Inner Strength

Inner Strength

by the men of F-8, facilitated by Tejal Murray


by Alonzo Dale


I sit in my cell thinking about the warriors of the past and the acts of bravery that would earn them respect and rank among their people.  They would step into any situation with nerves of steel, and provide the love and strength their families needed to carry on through the hard times and dark days.  They never hunted for sport, and kept their beautiful traditions alive by singing songs of appreciation and thanks for all the blessings our creator provided, songs that would last long into the night.


I try to imagine myself back in their time.  Would I be standing there among them, strong brave, and fearless, prepared for war, knowing I would not come back alive, but willing to shed blood and give my life for my people, survival at any cost?


I look upon pictures of fallen warriors and read their names, names that history will never forget.  I can only pray for the courage that my fallen heroes possessed, the courage to approach and defeat the many struggles that I will face. I pray to be remembered as the warrior that I am.





by Alonzo Dale


Warrior, I take pride in the name, a name given only to the strong.The name was given to me on May 9, 2003.


I walked in to the E-6, a youngster  at 21 years old. I walked right into the middle of a race war between the blacks and the natives.


As I walked  towards the CO’s desk some black guy spit on me from the top tier and said ”There’s another of those bitches.” I didn’t say anything, checked in with the CO and walked up to my people and told them to watch my stuff.  I walked upstairs, down the long tier to my room 32.  I fought this guy thinking that would be the end of it, but they had a surprise  for me.  After I beat this guy down another came after me, and when I was done with him two more followed.


The first two I beat down, but the last two beat me down.


My people were surprised at my fighting skills.  I walked straight to the shower to wash off the blood that was pouring from my face as my people found me a room.  After I was done cleaning up my face was lumped up and bruised.  I was given an issue of tobacco and weed.


We talked about what had been going on over the past few weeks. Disrespect had been shown by both sides.


Being disrespected is something I don’t take lightly.


Fighting those four black people brought everything to a stand still for both sides.


There was no more anger between us after the fight.  The chief who was running things said “ the little warrior made it.”   And from that time on I was known as warrior, and that is what I AM.


My spirit has been wounded many times. By sadness, heartbreak and loneliness but no matter what I go through, my spirit will remain strong, and never be broken.  The words that you’ve heard have been spoken by the one and only “Warrior” Aho!



My Inner Strength

by Nathan Dominguez


My Inner strength allows me to overcome obstacles, learning something new everyday.  Trying my best to achieve goals. Teaching myself not to make the same mistake twice. Keeping my mind strong no matter the situation.  Realizing that I am only human, but still a powerful person.


My Strength

by Tim Red Bird Jr.


My strength is my pride of my Mexican/American heritage, the songs, language, culture, traditions, ceremonies and lifestyle of being a Chicano and Native, a Canadian/American with roots from Mexico and South American Aztec people.  My fire is how I represent my reddish/brown skin pigmentation and having to balance being a half breed Mexican and Indian (Native Canadian American) It’s hard to explain I am a Mexican from Canada and I am a tribal member: certified degree of Indian blood (C.D.I.B,) Kiowa tribe of Oklahoma Carnegie Oklahoma and an enrolled Band Member-Morley band from Alberta Canada.


So the way I tell people is that I am from the western hemisphere of the planet earth (world) My potential is to grow up without necessarily growing old.  My soul is still young, I don’t act old and I don’t feel old, even though I am almost 40 years young.  I do want to grow up and go on with my life.  I don’t know how to change anything though, other than my clothes, but, potentially, anything is possible.



To Create and Live Happy

by Nathan Dominguez


At three o clock in the morning, not the normal hours in a music studio, with the aroma of empty beer cans and bottles of whiskey scattered in the room my brother and I made one of the best songs we ever created together.  Since then I’ve been trying to feel the way we felt that night again.  My life purpose is to create and live happy. That’s probably why I have four children and have recorded over 2000 songs.




by Joseph Shuldiski


I can be something one day if I try hard.  I can do anything I want; go to college, invent something, write a book, be a role model.

Or I could give up, but what would that prove? I’d rather try to do something great and be someone important. I have dreams of freedom.  Being with friends and family, being successful in life, doing what I don’t know yet but that the future anyways.  First step to success is freedom, and we will see what falls into place afterwards.  But I’m a good guy so I know Karma will do me justice. For now, I have potential to live and be happy.



My Potential

by Alonzo Dale


When I close my eyes and think about all the potential I have , I think about being a good father to my two kids, and doing what ever it takes to make my kids happy and safe and to earn their trust.  Teaching them to face the fear and have the courage to be whatever they chose to be.  I will show them that no matter how many times I may fail to accomplish a goal I will always stand strong and never take no as an answer, especially when the question is one of my own.




by Ray C Debaca


I think a peak experience for me that I was 100% myself and using my talents, was probably the first time I ever recorded in a studio.  At that time I felt like I was on top of the world and nothing could touch me or bring me down.  After that first time I went on to record other songs in other studios.  But nothing could compare to the first time. I believe that was my peak experience.


Everything about being in that situation made it great.  I had already loved everything about music, writing it, listening to it, performing it, and that experience made me love it more.


I unexpectedly fell into music, so my peak experience was an accident but at that moment I felt free and ready to conquer anything.


Now everything that surrounds me has something to do with music, all through my life.  Music makes me happy so I think music is my life purpose.