New Beginnings

New Beginnings

by the men of F-8, facilitated by Tejal Murray

New Beginnings

by Joseph Shuldiski


I will have a new beginning the day I’m done doing time.

I will start a new life, when I’m no longer confined.

I’ll go to college and get a job have my own pad and a car.

I will be free to do whatever, see the sunset and watch the stars.



Thoughts on Death

by Santos


I think death is a beautiful and necessary thing. With life comes death; to be honest I’m pretty anxious to see what the big deal is all about.  I don’t believe in a God of suffering and pain who torments his creatures for all eternity!  It has to be peaceful, it has to be pure! Its supposedly one of the most difficult steps for man to take. Letting go of all he had, the emotions, the memories. I don’t see why our supreme being, our Yahweh would torment us, for life has enough trials and tribulations.  I think when we die our name goes back to Yahweh, our source of life, the vital force of all creation.



by Jonathan Ray


I am no longer scared of death as I was as a child.

I came to terms with it while still alive.

I will do my best to seek my creator. I hope I may return as an animal who owns nothing buts takes only what he needs to survive, and knows the secrets that man will never understand.



Life after Death

by Jaime Kaye


Death has filled about 2/3 of my life.  It used to make me sad but today it makes me sort of angry.  After my mother’s death, I became a little bitter at life, envious of those who have large nuclear families when I have none.  Life goes on, people die.  I believe I’ll see the people I knew that have passed after my time is up.


A Second Chance

by Alonzo Dale


The thought of being reincarnated after death puts my mind at ease because it means having a second chance to find out why I was created.  That is a mystery to me.  No matter how many times I fail to find my life’s purpose I’ll have the chance to be born again and be a little bit closer to having all my questions answered.  After I’ve seen it all and felt every emotion possible from complete happiness to the deepest heartbreak, after finding my reason for being, I believe my spirit will be tired and ready for rest.


Life is Short

by Shane Toledo


Life is not always beautiful but it’s a beautiful life.  I’ve come to live my life a day at a time.  Whether I’m out in the free world or here locked up.  It never comes out the way you plan, so I take what life has dealt me.  I see myself like a caterpillar that draws itself together to reach out to the next blade of grass.  Sometimes he fails to reach his goal but he starts again. It’s the same for me.  I have my faults but that no longer discourages me.  I try again to reach that goal no matter what it may be.



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