Classes at MDC

Anger Management, Conflict Resolution, and Self-Awareness
Drawing from our experience of Nonviolent Communication, as well as other similar models and practices, Comienzos instructors work together with participants to develop their skills and awareness for self-connection, stronger relationships, and cultures of peace.  To learn more about our classes, click here.

Creative Writing Group
Groups of 15-20 inmates and Comienzos instructors meet twice weekly to cultivate their voices, learn about each other, and build community through writing and reading their work. Click here to learn more, and to read some of our work!

Yoga, Tai-Chi-Chih, and Meditation
Comienzos instructors, volunteers, and participants incorporate mindfulness practices into daily life to relieve stress and deepen self-awareness. To learn more about our approaches to mindfulness, click here.

Restorative Practices

Conflict can be a wonderful opportunity for deepened connection and stronger communities.  Restorative practices are valuable tools to support us to transcend conflict within ourselves and between each other, and to create a sustainable culture of honesty, empathy, and peace.  To learn more about our restorative practices, including mediation, restorative circles, and more, click here.

Comienzos in the Community

In addition to the classes, groups, and restorative practices that we offer to men and women who are incarcerated, we also offer programming to those who have been released as well as family and community members.  To learn more about the services we provide, click here.