by the men of F-8, facilitated by Tejal Murray


by Rafael


The war in Mexico is really stupid. It’s pointless, ridiculous, insane.  People are dying and its all over drugs.  There are several cartels who want to run the show and others are hating or jealous because one has more than another, Chapo Guzman wants to take over the whole drug cartel, and for that he’s trying to put out everybody who doesn’t work with him.


I think its really stupid because mothers , fathers, and family that have nothing to do with any of it are being killed. These people are so scared  to even come out to buy groceries. That’s insane.  Anyway I think somebody just needs to put Chapo out.  Maybe things will calm down a little.


Maybe people like myself can go to Mexico to take care of things that really need to be taken care of out there, and won’t be paranoid. My father is always going because  we have property and animals out there so he’s always busy.  But its really hard because I’m always so afraid for him and its like it doesn’t phase him.  Also he says everybody has to leave this earth, if its my turn to go, then so be it.  That tears me apart.




by Ray C Debaca


I think a real war situation that many people can relate to is Vietnam, whether you were alive or not.  That war was a political war that had many people (Americans) choosing sides here in the United States.  A lot of soldiers were in the positions of , fight for something without question, or say no and be labeled as a traitor.  Most soldiers who were involved in the war still to this day don’t know why they were fighting, except they were soldiers and were told to.


With me I think the closet war I’ve ever been involved in is with the gang wars that goon everyday.  I’m involved with the Blood Gang in California and we’ve had a war gong on with the Crips for over 20 years. In 1996 my cousin moved into my neighborhood and he’s a crip.  Well that caused problems between me and everybody in my neighborhood.  Me and my cousin were supposed to be enemies because we were gang banging on different sides. But in the end I basically told all my homeboys “That’s my cousin, what am I supposed to do!”  They ended up accepting him, and he didn’t join us, but he didn’t really chose a side unless its personal and involves me. For me in the end I went against my people to save the life of my cousin and it worked.



My Battle Within

by Jonathan Ray


I believe my alcoholism is my battle within because I experienced all the down falls that come with alcohol and was exposed to physical and emotional battles so young.  All this played a big role in how I have turned out.


So, gathering my self will when I am finally released from this incarceration will determine whether  I turn into the same person I was, or change for my self and better yet, my kids.  I have the ability to lead my kids away from the life style I lived.  Alcohol is my inner demon.  I’m hoping I can defeat him.



The Enemy Within

by Shane Toledo


The enemy that I face that gets the better of me is my alcoholism.  Its something I’ve faced many times and as many times as I’ve faced it, I’ve always bowed down to the bottle. When I get out this time around I am going to look for resources and ways that will help me battle my worst enemy.


I know that I can defeat this.  I also know that I can’t do it alone.  Being alone is the time that I’m tempted and always fall prey.  Even when there are people  around for encouragement and support , they will always never be there when I’m at home and the bottle hisses my name. with temptation on its breath. So the key I look forward to defeating this addiction will lie somewhere that I may have overlooked and need to look again, like AA or rehab or just a friend that’s reliable. So the battle will wage on until I get the upper hand.



A War Within

by Joseph Suldiski


There is a war I have trouble fighting, but the only person hurting is myself. I try to do right but temptation takes over.  I call it the anti-self.  Its me but backwards.  It is a vile , dirty, putrid, sick twisted part of me that I fight.  I hope only that one day I’ll prove victorious.  It pains me that so far I am loisng. Though all my efforts to succeed are powerful, its not enough.  The demon takes control and I wind up at the bottom struggling to get back on top.  I never lose hope that all is lost and I fought for nothing.  So I continue fighting. Every small victory counts.