Writing Group

Writing Group

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The Comienzos Writing Group offers a safe, comfortable space in which participants in one pod at the Metropolitan Detention Center can explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences through writing. Time during each meeting is allotted to reading our work aloud, so that we can strengthen our relationships through learning about each other.

The Comienzos Writing Group has quickly proven to be a space for healing, laughter, and companionship.  We hope you enjoy the writing samples that the men in our group have shared. Please click on a theme below to see some of their current work, or click on a name to see the writers’ own pages.

-Wendy Jason, Facilitator.

To support this group, please contact us with any feedback and/or celebrations you would like to share, or make a tax-deductible contribution to our sustainability.

Volume 4, March 18-Present
by Bobby, Mr. Anonymous, Benjamin, Lee, Joseph, Santos, Alonzo, Jonathan, Ray, Nathan, Tim, Jaime, Rafael, Izzy, and Shane


Wasting Time


New Beginnings


Happy Memories

Inner Strength

Four Yogas


Volume 3, January 5-March 16

Volume 2, November 11-December 18

Volume 1, September 14-October 21